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6418 36mm Festoon LED Car Lights

6418 36mm Festoon LED Car Lights

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  • 211a2w h,
$6.99 $4.99

Product Code: 36mm_Festoon_6418_HP_LEDcarlights



Uses 2 Surface Mount LEDs -  Festoon Style Bulb
Also replaces DE3425, DE3423, 6461, 6423, 6418
36mm x 10mm (1 3/8" long)
Working Voltage: 12-14.5VDC
Lumens Output / WaveLength (or color temp)
Hyperwhite -  13.5 Lm / 7,000K - 8,000K
Blue - TBD Lm / 465-470nm
Red - TBD Lm / 620 - 625mn
Price is for ONE (1) Bulb

We now offer all of our products with a 1 year warranty.

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Why TunerDomes?

LED materials can be sourced from many different areas of the world, and not all LED bulbs you see for sale these days are created equally so buyer beware.  We can assure you that the bulbs we've designed and offer in each size were hand selected because they are of the highest quality and are the best value for the money.  We are constantly refreshing our stock to utilize the latest LED technology and materials.  Our products continue to evolve to be brighter and longer lasting than similar ‘looking’ bulbs.  You will be able to see the level of quality for yourself.

TunerDomes has been working with multiple LED manufacturers overseas for over 11 years now and was a pioneer in this industry.  With this long term experience, we know what materials to utilize in our products, as well as what level of quality to strive for.

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