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How do I find and order lights for my car?

This site offers three different and easy ways to shop for LED lights:

1) Shop by Manufacturer
2) Bulb Shape
3) Part Number

What happens if I do not know what size light my car uses?

The following site has the bulb sizes for the majority of cars: Sylvania Replacement Guide

In the event that you cannot find your car on the website - do not panic. Matching your stock interior bulbs to an LED replacement is a simple task.

  • Carefully pop off the dome light covers and examine the length and shape of the stock bulb.
  • There are only six different types of bulb shapes, so matching your bulb to the pictures on 'Shop By Bulb Shape' is very easy.

If you are continuing to have issues, we will be happy to help. Email us at with the make / model of your car and a picture of the lights you wish to replace next to a ruler so we can easily determine the size.

Please note: Emailing us the OEM part #'s will not help us. The Bulb Shape and Size is what matters.

What are the advantages of switching to a TunerDomes LED Dome Light?

Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D.s) are continuing to replace traditional filament bulbs in more and more applications including televisions, home appliances, and traffic lights. Some of the many advantages of LED lights over Incandescent bulbs are:

  • Extended service life - The life of an LED light averages at 10,000 hours making LED lights extremely reliable and practical.
  • Drastically reduced power consumption - While putting out the same amount of usable light, LED lights consume about 50% LESS power than halogen bulbs.
  • Produce virtually NO HEAT - An LED light uses so little power that most of the time the bulb will not even feel warm to the touch, even after hours of use, making LED lights ideal for small spaces.
  • Unaffected by vibration - Unlike halogen bulbs, LED lights do not have filaments or tiny parts that can come loose during vibrations; this makes LED lights not only more durable, but also much more dependable.

How do I install my new TunerDomes LED Light?

Installation is very simple:

  1. Replace only one bulb at a time if you have ordered one of our premium kits.
  2. Carefully pop off your dome/courtesy light plastic cover
  3. Pop/Pull out your old dome light (be careful, it may be hot)
  4. Carefully insert your new TUNERDOMES™ LED light (For your safety, DO NOT use a screw driver or any other metal tool around live contacts in your dome housing!)
  5. If the LED Bulb does not light up, turn it around the other way (reverse the polarity)

Will my interior lights still dim if I switch to LED?

Do your interior lights dim after you get in and start the car, or after you lock the car and walk away? Upgrading your interior lights to LED will still allow your lights to dim. LEDs will dim at a slightly faster rate than your stock filament bulbs but you will still be able to enjoy the dimming effect.

I have installed the LED lights, but they are not turning on.

If your new LED light is not lighting up, below are a few troubleshooting tips that solve 99.9% of the reported problems:

  1. If applicable, check to make sure your dome switch is turned on
  2. Turn the LED around the other way (reverse the polarity)
  3. Make sure the connectors (wires) are touching the contacts that fight tightly
  4. If you used a screwdriver or something metal to pop out the factory bulb, you make have blown a fuse. Check your fuse box with the ignition turned off. Please note: Another way to test the fuse would be to put the old bulb back in the socket to make sure the circuit still has current running through it.
  5. If you have tried all of these steps and you still cannot get your new bulb to work - email us at

My car is turned off, but my new TunerDomes LED is still lit.

A major advantage of having your TUNERDOMES LED light is that it needs a very small amount of current to remain lit; some cars actually will have residual current running through the circuits even after you shutoff the car. This is not an issue with the bulb, nor will the bulb train your battery. The LED will eventually drain the current left in the circuit and shut off.

If the LED remains lit, it may mean your car is continuing to send current through that circuit, which should be addressed as this decreases the life of the car's battery.

When my ignition is off, my lights sometime flicker.

If you are sitting in your car with the ignition off and want the lighting to work you just need to wake up your car's control module. You can do this by inserting the key into the ignition or by moving the switch on your overhead dome light to the ON position.

Does TunerDomes have a location for local pickup in New York/New Jersey?

TUNERDOMES is an online supplier only. If you need to expedite your order, please email us to arrange a shipping date that appropriately meets your needs.

Why won't the system allow me to place an international sales order?

We no longer accept international orders through our system. We do, however, ship internationally for orders GREATER than $100, with a flat shipping rate of $30 for USPS Priority Registered Mail ($25 for Canada). If you would like to place an international order, please email with the product, color and quantity that you want.

What are the shipping charges and policies?

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS)

First Class Domestic: Free
USPS Priority: Available Option at a Charge
International: Please see above FAQ

Tracking #'s are provided in the Order Notes section of your order.

  1. Please “Log In” and click on “Your Account” to view
  2. Click on “Order History”
  3. Click on the order and your tracking number will be visible on the left side

How can I pay for my TunerDomes lights?

On-line orders only. All transactions are secured through GeoTrust.

PayPal, American Express, Mastercard, and Visa are accepted through our website.

We do not accept checks, money orders, or cash.

Dealerships and Parts Shops - please contact us to set up an account.

My Shopping Cart is not working properly.

Some Internet service providers will alter cookie settings so the information you have entered in the shopping cart shipping information section will not be saved and you will be brought back to the same screens over and over. Delete your temporary internet files in your browser and try again.

If this still does not work, email us ( stating that you would like to place an order along with the phone number we can best reach you at. We'll happily set up a time to take your information/order over the phone.

What is the return and exchange policy for TunerDomes?

If you are mailing an item back to us it must be within the allotted 30 day return period for a valid exchange. In the rare event where you’ve received a defective product, ship the item back per the instructions below.

1) In your return package - Please include a note with your order number, contact information and a brief explanation stating what you would like in exchange/or explaining why you are requesting a refund.

Please note: Returns must be shipped in a padded envelope. If regular envelopes are used, the post office sorting machines will often crack the LED bulb making the exchange/return void.

2) Once received - We will process within 5 business days and either refund your account for the returned light, or refund your shipping charge if you have requested a replacement LED.

If you ordered the wrong bulb size/shape/color and want to speed up the exchange process:

  • Please ship the incorrect product back to us with a note requesting a refund.
  • Simultaneously, go to our website and order the correct product.
  • We will credit your card or PayPal account once the return is received and your new, correct product(s) will have already been shipped.

What does Kelvin temperature mean?

In some cases, you will notice our LED specs will mention the color temperature in "#K" or “Kelvins”. The Kelvin color temperature scale is shown below.

LED interior car lights, LED license plate light

Warmer Whites are in the 2500K - 4000K range (Standard bulbs)
Cool White, or as we like to call it, "HyperWhite" is in the 5000K - 8000K range.

What colors can I get?

Most of our high-end LED products are available in Hyper White, Blue and Red. On each product page, you can select which color you prefer before adding it to your cart. However, for license plate lights, the only legal color in the United States is Hyper White, hence why there are no other options available.

How can I get a mixed color LED kit or customize a special LED package?

We are happy to accept custom orders! Please email us at and we will assist you in placing your customized TunerDomes order.

I installed the LED bulbs for my license plate, but the bulb flashes or there is an error showing on the dashboard.

For some newer European vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen, they all have an intelligent and sensitive on-board computer. This will notice the addition of LED bulbs because LED bulbs have a much lower wattage compared to stock tungsten bulbs. To eliminate the flash problem and bypass the on-board computer error showing up on the dashboard, you will need to add resistors or purchase our LED bulbs with resistors built in to prevent this issue. However, most of the time, the bulbs will perform perfectly.

How did TunerDomes start?

TUNERDOMES has been dedicated toward providing direct-fit replacement interior LED lights for car enthusiasts since 2002. The founder has been a pioneer in the automotive LED industry and began by soldering LEDs together by hand for his customers. Realizing there was a lack of quality replacement Dome Lights on the market for the tuner enthusiasts, TUNERDOMES was launched and teamed up with some of the most talented LED manufacturers across the globe to bring you the best and brightest automotive interior LED replacements available.


LED interior car lights, LED license plate light

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