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Why Buy TunerDomes “Error Canceling” LED Interior Lights?

Some vehicles feature a circuit called the "Canbus" system. It automatically detects light bulbs that have burned out and warns drivers to replace them. Unfortunately, this can create problems when motorists install LED car lights. These bulbs draw much less power than the original units, so the system falsely detects that they've failed. This results in a blinking error message and might cause light fixtures to malfunction in ways that distract or annoy drivers.

Are the LEDs you installed flickering, or turn off unexpectedly?

Cars with the Canbus circuit may transmit high-voltage pulses to light bulbs in an attempt to determine if they have burned out. This outdated diagnostic technique causes LED interior car lights to flicker. The unnecessarily high voltage also puts them at risk of premature failure. This problem prevents light bulbs from working properly and forces drivers to spend extra money on costly replacements. In some cars, the system will automatically disable all LEDs.


To avoid flickering, light failure and flashing error messages, motorists can purchase LED lights designed with error-canceling resistors. These components trick the Canbus system into believing that the LEDs draw as much power as their incandescent counterparts. While many cars don't need error-free lighting products, they're necessary for most European models. The affected brands include Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar and Audi.


In addition to preventing these problems, error-free LEDs deliver the two main benefits of LED technology. These automotive light bulbs last far longer than the alternatives. Some electronics manufacturers began to install them as indicator lights during the 1980s; many high-quality LEDs have remained in service for decades.

Vehicles that require error-free lighting also need LED license plate lights, headlights and taillights with resistors. Consider using TunerDomes error-canceling bulbs. These well-made units come with a superior 12-month warranty and last for many years without fading. 

This company's bright LED dome lights maximize battery life by consuming less than three watts. 

Why Buy LED Car Lights

With over a decade of experience in the automotive lighting industry, TunerDomes only sells products that feature up-to-date technology and top-notch materials. 

Why Buy LED Car Lights

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